Adding links

There are a whole lot of ways to add links in Whimsical. Here's a quick guide to all of the available options - in boards and in docs!

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Adding Links in Boards

Every board mode supports adding a link. Click the link icon, or use the keyboard shortcut K to open the dialogue.

External Links 

Type in your URL and chose Add URL

Clicking on the icon at the left of the link will open the menu. The menu lets you edit the link, and the camera icon lets you pick how you want the link to show.

Internal Links 

To add a Whimsical link, you can copy and paste a link to another Whimsical file, or you can use the search option.

Once you have added the link, it will appear as a thumbnail by default. To move the thumbnail, click and drag using the icon. Clicking the thumbnail will open the link.


If you do not want the Whimsical file to show as a thumbnail you can change it to a bare link. Use Ctrl/Cmd + Z or the Undo option in the bottom right of the screen, and the link will revert to a plain link. You need to do this immediately after adding the link.

Adding links in Docs

You can add links to text in Docs by highlighting the text and using the toolbar or the Ctrl/Cmd + K shortcut to paste the link.

We also support nesting Whimsical files, as well as embedding Whimsical boards and more! Check out this article for a step by step guide to embedding in Docs.

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