Setting up SCIM Provisioning with Okta

Currently, SCIM provisioning is only supported in Okta. With SCIM provisioning you can:

  • Add users
  • Remove users
  • Update user roles (editor / viewer)
  • Import workspace members to Okta


  1. Set up SAML with Okta
  2. Enable SCIM and retrieve an OAuth token

3. Paste the SCIM token into Okta, test API credentials and click  Save


  • SCIM only works with Okta
  • To use SCIM, SAML has to be enabled and correctly configured
  • Primary email field is always set to the value of user name
  • After user creation given name and family name fields can only be updated by the users themselves on Whimsical
  • Provisioned users will receive an activation email and will have to log in through SAML to appear in your workspace in Whimsical
  • If the editor role is set to undefined, the user will be provisioned with the default role enabled in the Whimsical workspace
  • If you disable SAML in your Whimsical settings, SCIM will also be disabled. After reenabling SAML and SCIM, you will have to import all users into Okta
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