What is the difference between a team and a workspace?

In Whimsical each organization or company generally has one Workspace.

If you are working together across a whole organization or company, but also need to accommodate more levels of permissions for groups of people who need to keep their work private, you can set up Teams, with the Organization Plan.

So, as a quick breakdown:

  • Workspace = Company-level, shared by all users in the workspace

  • Team = Department or Squad-level, accessible to only those users who are invited

Workspace sections

There are 4 sections you may see when you're signed into a workspace.

Private Section

  • Up top there is a private section that is only accessible by you when you are signed into your workspace

  • Consider this your sandbox to make drafts or create documents you need to keep private. If you later want to share what you create more publicly in your workspace, you can drag + drop files into folders into the Shared section of your workspace

Shared with you Section

  • This section holds all files and folders that have been shared with you, If you share files with others, this is where they will see them.

Team Section/s

  • A Team is a totally private section within a workspace (like a secret workspace within a workspace 😃)

  • Any editor in your workspace can create Teams and then invite other workspace members to join. (Note: Viewers are also able to create Teams)

  • Only members added to the Team will be able to view or access the files stored in the Team. Other workspace members won't see Team boards and won't even know that the team itself exists.

  • If you are a member of a Workspace but are not a member of any Teams, this section will be blank.

Shared Section

  • The final section of your workspace shows the Shared folders where ALL users (both Editors and Viewers) in the workspace can see an interact with files & folders.

Here's how the different sections look. Let's pretend the people of Wonderland decided they'd like to digitize their Kingdom's operations with Whimsical. This is a view of how the Workspace would look from Alice's view when she's signed into the app. 

Note, she had to create the team for Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum as the lads are not the brightest. 😉

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