What’s the difference between Personal workspaces and Organization workspaces?

Personal vs Organization Workspaces

Personal Workspace

When you create an account, you automatically get a Personal workspace. 

(If you joined by invitation to an Organization workspace, you still have a Personal workspace but you will be dropped directly into your Organization workspace after signing up. For information on switching between workspaces, see the bottom of the page.)

Free vs. Paid
Personal workspaces are limited to 3000 free items. You can upgrade your Personal workspace to create unlimited items.

Sharing Settings / Collaboration
You can share links to boards in your Personal workspace with anyone you'd like and these collaborators can view and comment on these boards. They will not be able to edit the boards because that can only be done in Organization workspaces.

(Collaborators need to create a Whimsical account before they can make comments.)


Organization Workspace

Free vs. Paid
Similar to Personal workspaces, there's a limit of 3000 items on the Organization workspace.

When an Organization workspace is upgraded, there are two types of members: 

  1. Editors: Editors are paid workspace members who can edit existing shared boards and create unlimited new boards. Paid Organization workspaces are billed based on the number of Editors. When a new Editor joins a paid Organization workspace, the account is automatically charged a prorated amount. When an Editor is removed, a prorated credit is added to the account and then applied during the next payment cycle.

  2. Viewers: Viewers are free workspace members who can only view and comment on boards.

Sharing Settings / Collaboration
Editors of the same Organization workspace can view, comment on, and edit all boards in the shared folders. They can also move boards in and out of the shared folders. This is the main difference between Organization and Personal workspaces – the ability to edit the same boards and to organize those boards in shared folders that everyone has access to.


Switching Between Workspaces

This can be done by clicking the dropdown in the very top left of the folder/home screen.

Diagram showing how to switch between workspaces
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