How to organize files within a workspace?

You can organize your files into folders and groups or keep them as standalone items in the workspace in their respective sections.

Creating Boards, Docs, Folders, Subfolders

To create a new file or a new folder, click the + button from the navigation bar or by clicking one of the board type / folder icons.

Boards and Docs can be created in folders, groups, or as standalone items in sections, simply choose the + button based on your desired location:

Sorting Files and Folders

To sort your files and folders, use drag and drop from the navigation bar:

Alternatively, you can also move files directly from the folder view:

And lastly you can use the sorting tools inside the section or folder view! Learn more about them.

Pinning the Navigation Bar

If you want to see the navigation bar with all your workspace files and folders at all times, pin it to the screen:

Even if you don't pin the navigation bar, you'll still be able to access it by clicking the ☰ icon (top-left corner) or using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + E (Mac) / Ctrl + E (PC).

Renaming Files and Folders

To rename a file, open it and click in the current name section. To rename a folder, right-click on it from the navigation bar → Rename Folder:

Deleting Files and Folders

Files and folders can be deleted by right-clicking on them from the navigation bar → Delete File or Delete Folder:

Alternatively, you can also delete single files by opening them and clicking the button from the top-right corner of the screen → Delete File:

You can also bulk-delete files that are located in the same folder by clicking on the folder → selecting any / all files you want to delete → Delete:


All the deleted files and folders will be moved to the Trash folder.

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