What is an item?

An item is anything that you create in Whimsical:

  • A folder

  • A file (board, wireframe, project or doc)

  • Any objects such as shapes, connectors, text elements, images, icons, cards*, frames etc.

  • A paragraph, image or any other block in a doc

  • A theme or a template

  • A comment


Whimsical's free plan offers a limited amount of starter items. The professional and organisation plans include unlimited items.

Deleting an item will remove it from your total item count.

Note that when you create or delete something in the free version of Whimsical, it typically takes 10-20 seconds for the total count of items to update.

*A card without a description is 1 item; a description counts as a second item.

You can see your workspace's total item count in the bottom left of the sidebar:

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